The Franz Strauss Theme and Variations is a delightful work for horn and piano.  It begins with an introduction before moving into the presentation of the theme.  There are four subsequent variations, including a fairly lengthy rondo.  The first two variations present technical challenges, notably rapid sixteenth-note passages and challenging articulations.  Those two variations contrast nicely with the Andante, which is in a 3/4 meter with rich harmonies and a small cadenza.  Additional challenges in this piece include grace note figures, large leaps and, if the repeats are observed, endurance.  Even with its rigorous technical passages, the piece allows for some rubato within the variations to add diversity to repetitions.


Composer Strauss, Franz
Dates (1822-1905)
Duration 10:00
Horn Range Bb3 to Bb5
Level Medium
Clef Treble Clef
Techniques N/A
Era/Style Romantic
Country/Region Germany
Accompaniment Available Piano
Accompaniment Difficulty Piano


Movements Duration Level Range
I. Introduktion 2:04 Medium D4 to Bb5
II. Thema  1:09 Medium F4 to F5 
III. Variation I 1:17 Medium Bb3 to G5
IV. Variation II 1:27 Medium Bb3 to G5
V. Andante cantabile 1:48 Medium Cb4 to G5
VI. Rondo  3:04 Medium Bb3 to Bb5