The Valse Triste, Op. 35, No. 7 is another short, enchanting work by Reinhold Glière.  This work, like the Intermezzo, Op. 35, No. 11, has a range that is particularly suitable for younger players.  The ties, syncopations, and rests obscure the piece’s sense of time and meter.  This creates an effect where the notes appear to glide by effortlessly, with no concern for structured meter.  This effect is produced by a strict adherence to the rhythmic integrity of each measure in conjunction with well-executed rubato.  Due to its reasonable range and pleasing melody, this piece is not taxing to the performer’s endurance, thus making it a nice addition to a recital program. 


Composer Glière, Reinhold
Dates (1875-1956)
Duration 3:00
Horn Range E3 to G5
Level Easy/Medium
Clef Treble Clef
Techniques N/A
Era/Style Romantic
Country/Region Russia
Accompaniment Available Piano
Accompaniment Difficulty Easy
Movements One Movement