Jan Koetsier’s Scherzo Brillante is a delightfully playful work that charms both the performer and the audience.  This short piece is simultaneously whimsical and serious.  While the notation and approach are straightforward, the work is more challenging than it would appear at first glance.  The difficulty lies in the nuance of the timing, dynamics, and accents.  When all three are executed in an energetic fashion, the music becomes exciting and intense.  In the trio, stopped horn passages alternate with open horn passages, creating an echo effect.  Range and endurance may be an issue for younger players; the piece remains in the horn’s middle and high registers and ends on a high C (C6).  This final high C, however, is approached via an ascending scale and is marked fortissimo.  Overall, this is a fun, energetic piece that makes a good recital opener or closer. 


Composer Koetsier, Jan
Dates (1911-2006)
Duration 3:00
Horn Range F3 to C6
Level Difficult
Clef Treble Clef
Techniques Stopped Horn
Era/Style 20th Century
Country/Region Netherlands/Germany
Accompaniment Available Piano
Accompaniment Difficulty Moderate
Movements One Movement