This work by Johann Joachim Quantz is an example of late baroque/early classical writing for the horn.  Because it was composed using only pitches found in the harmonic series, it remains in the horn’s upper register for most of the work.  The first and third movements are quite difficult in terms of flexibility and technique as there are numerous arpeggiations.  There are also lip trills in each movement.  Perhaps the most difficult aspect of performing a work from this time period on the modern horn is maintaining a light, crisp style in the high register.  This work would make an excellent addition to a recital program because of the limited repertoire from this time period.


Composer Quantz, Johann Joachim
Dates (1697-1773)
Duration 9:00
Horn Range Bb3 to Bb5
Level Difficult
Clef Treble Clef
Techniques Lip Trill
Era/Style Baroque
Country/Region Germanyt
Accompaniment Available Orcestra, Piano
Accompaniment Difficulty Easy


Movements Duration Level Range
I. Allegro 3:07 Difficult Bb3 to Bb5
II. Adagio cantabile 2:04 Difficult F4 to Bb5
III. Allegro 3:36 Difficult F4 to Bb5