Hunter’s Moon by Gilbert Vinter is a piece enjoyed by the audience and performer alike.  It is flashy, romantic, schmaltzy, and heroic.  The flashy effects of this work are created by Vinter’s use of the stopped horn.  The performer needs to facilitate both quick stopped-to-open shifts and loud stopped horn interjections.  The piece also embraces the extremes of the horn’s range, from pedal G (G2) to high B (B5).  Some endurance is required for this short piece, especially at the end where the piece closes on a high B (B5) after having sustained a high Bb (Bb5) for four measures.  In addition to these technical considerations, the performer must also be able to navigate the rhythmic hemiolas created by the duplets in the A section’s 12/8 and 6/8 meters.  This entertaining piece makes an excellent recital opener or closer. 


Composer Vinter, Gilbert
Dates (1909-1969)  
Duration 6:00Nagy, Zslot
Horn Range G2 to B5
Level Difficult
Clef Treble and “New-Notation” Bass Clef
Techniques Glissando, Stopped Horn
Era/Style 20th Century
Country/Region England
Accompaniment Available Orchestra, Piano
Difficulty of Accompaniment  Easy
Movements One