The Concerto for Horn and Orchestra by John Williams is an intense and difficult work.  It was written for Dale Clevenger and commissioned by the Edward F. Schmidt Family Commissioning Fund for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.  The piece consists of five movements; the third and fourth are performed without a pause.  This is a substantial work that requires good endurance, flexibility, technique, and mental stamina.  There are complex rhythms, numerous accidentals, and large leaps.  It is an impressive piece that is programmatic in nature with each movement portraying its subtitle.  This composition displays the grandeur of the horn’s timbre and beauty.


Composer Williams, John 
Dates (b. 1932)
Duration 27:00
Horn Range E2 to C6
Level Advanced
Clef Treble and “New-Notation” Bass Clef
Techniques Flutter tongue, glissando, mute, stopped horn
Era/Style 21st Century
Country/Region United States
Accompaniment Available Orchestra, Piano
Accompaniment Difficuly Hard


Movements Duration Level Range
I. Angelus 5:47 Advanced A2 to A5
II. The Battle of the Trees 2:18 Advanced E2 to C6
III. Pastorale 2:35 Advanced G3 to F5
IV. The Hunt 6:08 Advanced Bb2 to B5
V. Nocturne 10:28 Advanced C3 to B5