Reflections by Paul Basler is an intense work that explores a variety of emotions.  The range of the collection of pieces makes it accessible to most players, including high school students.  The work does not involve the use of special techniques, but does call on the performer to maintain a steady internal pulse.  While the rhythms themselves are not complicated, they do create quite a few syncopations that cleverly disguise the rhythmic pulse.  There are meter changes in each movement; however, they are straightforward and easy to execute.  This composition provides both lyrical and technical challenges to the performer while also charming the audience.


Composer Basler, Paul
Dates (b. 1963)
Duration 16:00
Horn Range E3 to A5
Level Easy/Medium
Clef Treble
Techniques N/A
Era/Style 20th Century
Country/Region United States
Accompaniment Available Piano
Accompaniment Difficuly Easy/Moderate


Movement Duration Level Range
I. Canción 2:37 Easy/Medium A3 to A5
II. Tarantella 1:38 Easy/Medium A3 to A5
III. Lamentoso 5:54 Easy/Medium E3 to G5
IV. Danza 2:03 Easy/Medium A3 to Gb5
V. Epilogue 4:28 Easy/Medium G3 to Ab5