Horn-Lokk by Sigurd Berge, which was written for Frødis ree Wekre, is an unaccompanied work for horn.  The piece is quite challenging due to its emotional intensity, technical demands, and need for physical endurance.  Outside of the stopped passages, lip trills, and extreme low range, the most difficult aspect of this composition is its pacing.  This is considered a challenge for all unaccompanied pieces; however, in this case, it proves to be exceptionally difficult.  The problem lies in finding the correct pacing so that there are phrases and not just monotonous repetitions.  The composition centers around motivic fragments that are repeated, augmented, or altered.  Too much time in between motives leads to a breakdown in the cohesiveness of the piece, whereas too little time makes the motives and the piece feel rushed.  In addition to a good pacing and technique, the piece also requires a strong range and a wide dynamic range.  For those who would like to play this work but do not have a pedal D (D2), the composer has listed several alternatives for the last two measures.


Composer Berge, Sigurd
Dates 1929-2002
Duration 7:00
Horn Range D2 to B5
Level Difficult
Clef Treble and “Old-Notation” Bass Clef
Techniques Lip Trill, Stopped Horn
Era/Style 20th Century
Country/Region Norway
Accompaniment Available No
Accompaniment Difficuly N/A
Movements One Movement