Eric Ewaen’s Sonata for Horn and Piano, commissioned by and dedicated to Scott Brubaker, was completed in 1992. This work is bold and vibrant with memorable melodies. The piece requires a lot from the performer. It contains numerous meter changes in each movement and it extends to the extreme ends of the horn’s range. There are plenty of high C#’s (C#6) and ’s (6); however, the composer has indicated an optional 8vb, for phrases containing these pitches. This challenging yet playful piece is a fantastic addition to the horn’s repertoire.


Composer Ewazen, Eric
Dates (b. 1954)
Duration 19:00
Horn Range B2 to D6
Level Intermediate-Advanced
Clef Treble Clef and “New-Notation” Bass Clef
Techniques Mute
Era/Style 20th Century
Country/Region United States
Accompaniment Available Piano
Accompaniment Difficulty Hard


Movements Duration Level Range
I. Andante-Allegro molto 5:33 Intermediate-Advanced c3 to B5
II. Adagio 5:01 Intermediate-Advanced C3 to D6
III. Allegretto 3:51 Intermediate-Advanced C#3 to Cb6
IV. Lento-Allegro molto 4:45 Intermediate-Advanced B2 to D6