The Lars-Erik Larsson Concertino is one of twelve concertini written by Larsson for varying solo instruments.  The first movement begins with a somber string line that quickly gives way to the opening horn solo.  The movement shifts between a dark and mysterious mood and a majestic one.  The second movement is lyrical.  Its long phrases are lamenting and nostalgic, creating a sense of insecurity that is resolved in the movement’s final measure.  The third—and perhaps most challenging movement—begins with a fast, spirited melody that alternates between a 9/8 and 6/8 meter.  The syncopated rhythms in both the horn part and the accompaniment can make this section difficult to align.  The movement slows and shifts to 3/4 time with a return of melodic material from the first movement.  The primary theme returns, along with the first tempo, but quickly gives way to a muted homage to the second movement.  After this short passage, the work concludes with the same fast, spirited melody that opened the movement.  While the third movement offers some rhythmic challenge, the difficulty in performing this work lies in creating the right tone color.  Overall, this composition, with its unadorned melodies, is an audience-friendly twentieth-century addition to a recital.


Composer Larsson, Lars-Erik
Dates (1908-1986)
Duration 12:00
Horn Range C3 to Bb5
Level Medium/Difficult
Clef Treble Clef and “New-Notation” Bass Clef
Techniques Mute, Stopped Horn
Era/Style 20th Century
Country/Region Sweden
Accompaniment Available Orchestra, Piano
Accompaniment Difficulty Moderate


Movements Duration Level Range
I. Allegro moderato 3:47 Medium C3 to Bb5
II. Lento cantabile 4:35 Medium D4 to A5
III. Allegro vivace 4:22 DIfficult C4 to Cb5