Kurt Atterberg’s Concerto in A Minor for Horn and Orchestra, Op. 28, showcases the power and beauty of the horn. It is an extensive work with lush harmonies that juxtaposes elements from multiple eras. Overall, the harmonies indicate a twentieth-century composition with hints of romanticism. The formal structure pays homage to the classical era with sonata form in the first movement, a slow adagio for the second movement, and a quasi-rondo for the third movement. The third movement contains a quotation from the first movement and from Wagner’s opera Siegfried. Due to the length of the work, some performers may experience fatigue and endurance problems. The most notable place for this is in the second movement. Overall, this is an impressive piece whose broad sweeping melodies, rich harmonies, and dark mood demonstrate the horn’s beauty and grandeur.


Composer Atterberg, Kurt
Dates (1887-1974)
Duration 20:00
Horn Range E3 to C6
Level DIfficult
Clef Treble Clef
Techniques Lip Trill
Era/Style 20th Century
Country/Region Sweden
Accompaniment Available Orchestra, Piano
Accompaniment Difficuly Hard


Movements Duration Level Range
I. Allegro pathetico 7:28 Difficult E3 to B5
II. Adagio 8:11 Difficult Db4 to Ab5
III. Allegro molto 4:28 Difficult B3 to C6