This early work of Richard Strauss is a standard in the horn’s solo repertoire.  It is often asked for in both orchestral and university auditions.  While a standard among professionals, it is playable by an above-average high school student.  The diverse piece requires lyrical, technical, and heroic playing.  The first movement opens with a cadenza-like passage before transitioning into the more lyrical melody.  It requires lyrical and technical proficiency, in addition to a large dynamic range.  The second movement demands a control of the mid-range at both pianissimo and fortissimo.  The third movement shares the lyrical and technical demands of the first movement.  Due to the work’s length and breadth, endurance is an important consideration regarding placement on a recital program.


Composer Strauss, Richard
Dates (1864-1949)
Duration 16:00
Horn Range D3 to Bb5
Level Difficult/Intermediate-Advanced
Clef Treble Clef
Techniques N/A
Era/Style Rpmantic
Country/Region Germany
Accompaniment Available Orchestra, Piano, Wind Ensemble
Accompaniment Difficulty Moderate


Movements Duration Level Range
I. Allegro 5:22 Difficult E3 to Bb5
II. Andante 5:02 Difficult Bb3 to Bb5
III. Allegro 5:20 Intermediate-Advanced D3 to Bb5